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Janelle (Burden) Hill, Volunteer Coordinator and Community Volunteer
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I serve as the Community Services Coordinator at Arbor Circle, supervising volunteers and engaging our youth in community service activities. I'm involved in several community collaborations connected to volunteering including the Volunteer Management Association of Western michigan, the Kent County Mentoring Collaborative and the Mentor Michigan Providers Council.

Outside of work volunteering is one of my favorite ways to spend my time. I'm a regular volunteer at Gilda's Club and the Grand Rapids Art Museum, serving on the GRAM Volunteer Council. I'm also involved in the Community Involvement Committee of the Grand Rapids Young Professionals organization and the Community Service Committee of the Center for Inquiry's Seasons of Service program.

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Arbor Circle believes in the positive power of healthy individuals and families to build a solid foundation for the future. That foundation is compromised by the problems of mental illness, substance use disorders, violence, neglect or abuse. We know from experience that the solutions to these problems are best found and developed in the context of individual and family relationships.

That’s why we provide services to both prevent and address these problems, with a focus on developing those healthy relationships. First, we provide counseling services to help people of all ages overcome the devastating effects of mental illness and substance use disorders. Second, we offer prevention and educational programs to build new skills and patterns of behavior that support emotional development and positive relationships for children and families.

Arbor Circle offers hope and help for a brighter future.

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